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Microsoft Mixer Create Allows Mobile Live Streaming on iOS and Android

The Mixer Create app allows broadcasters to stream content directly from their mobile device, while they can also manage chats, participate in co-streams, and vlog.


has announced a new extension for its game streaming platform. The company unveiled Mixer Create, a new application that runs on 's iOS and 's platforms. Gamers can use the app to chat with fans and broadcast on the move from their mobile device.

Taking the mobile aspect further, Mixer Create allows users to stream mobile games while they play. Microsoft says the new app is separate from the main Mixer app, which was recently rebranded from Beam.

Mixer Create is specifically developed for broadcasters and not viewers. Of course, mobile game streaming is the big selling point. It allows streamers to create content on their device, such as Minecraft and Clash Royale.

Mobile streaming is instant, without any needed additional hardware requirements. The front facing camera is also supported, allowing to put their faces in a stream.

For Android, streaming is available for any software on the platform. However, on iOS there are some limitations with streaming only functional on Apple's ReplayKit compatible games.

Software titles are not the only streaming capabilities with Mixer Create. The app will also stream a live feed directly from the camera, making it ideal for vlogging. Broadcasters can also moderate chats, send messages, and enter into co-streams through the app:

  • Live stream both mobile gameplay and yourself with the push of a button
    • Chat with your channel's viewers while streaming
    • Use your mobile device to manage chat while broadcasting on other devices, like PC or console
    • Receive invites and participate in a co-stream with up to 3 other friends who are broadcasting on PC, console or other mobile devices
    • Edit your profile and channel settings

Mixer Create is available on Google Play and the App Store in beta. Microsoft is currently seeking feedback from users to improve the experience before its full launch.


Microsoft purchased game streaming service Beam last year. After building up a strong feature set, the company rebranded the platform as Mixer earlier this year.

The biggest new feature in Mixer is a true livestreaming capability. Microsoft says current platforms have a 10 – 20 second latency, while Mixer will actually be live. Beam abilities like true interaction with streamers and social aspects are carried over to the new platform.

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