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Xbox One X Will Allow Gameplay DVR in 4K and at 60fps

Xbox One X will clearly improve the gameplay recording quality of the original Xbox One, which would compress to 720p and output at 30 frames per second.


has a winner on its hand with the . The console is flying through pre-order sales at a rate that could leave the company struggling to meet demand. Still two months away from its November 7, 2017 launch, Microsoft is continuing to discuss new features. The latest is a vastly improved gameplay capture experience.

When the Xbox One launched, it had the ability to record gameplay footage. However, this came with serious limitations. For example, the console would compress the video to 720p and output it at 30 frames per second. Recordings were also limited to five minutes in length.

These were understandable trade off's considering the console had some limited resource budgets. By compressing the video and outputting it at a low frame rate, the console ensured videos could be uploaded quickly, but would not take power from the gameplay.

Xbox One X is the most powerful console ever and a sizeable leap from the OG Xbox One. As such, it is not constricted by the same gameplay capture limitations.

Microsoft's VP of Xbox, Mike Ybarra, confirmed on Twitter that DVR capabilities on the new machine are improved. Indeed, he says the console can record and playback up to 4K, while also offering 60fps output and supporting HDR.

Basically, this is a holy grail for console gameplay recording. The Xbox One X will deliver high-quality recorded game footage and will not impact the game when it is being played.


Ok, there is a caveat here. Ybarra did not say if games will be viewable in uncompressed formats. In other words, such high-quality recordings will be a storage strain on Microsoft's Azure-powered cloud storage that is used for Xbox DVR playback.

Additionally, Ybarra did not say if there was a time limit on recording like on the OS Xbox One. If we delved into speculation, we would say a time limit will be used. For example, the PlayStation 4 Pro allows 15 minutes of maximum capture.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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