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Microsoft Will No Longer Manufacture or Sell the Original Xbox One

Microsoft has confirmed that manufacturing of the Xbox One was halted a year ago, and has now removed the console from its store. Users will now have to buy the Xbox One S, which offers more features for a smaller price.


The is just around the corner, and has decided it's time to retire the original launch console. Speaking to Gixel this week, a spokesperson said:

“As is typical for the console industry, we stopped manufacturing the original when we introduced .”

Though that was over a year ago now, retailers have now started to run out, including Microsoft, who now only sells refurbished versions. That puts the total lifespan of the original console at around 4 years.

For those with a short memory, the console launched at $500 and was originally paired with the Kinect sensor. The price compared to the PS4 led to an early domination of sales by Sony. Microsoft later offered an unbundled version, cutting $100 from the price tag.

Falling Prices

Nowadays, the console comes for much cheaper. New customers can buy the Xbox One S for $249, which sports improvements like HDR, 4K video, and a smaller footprint.

Those looking for a more premium experience can pre-order the Xbox One X for $500, but they might have trouble. The ‘Scorpio Edition' of the console is currently sold out in most stores across the world. We won't know when you can pre-order the regular Xbox One X edition until next month.

Of course, you may also find the original in physical stores or from other online retailers. Amazon currently sells a 500GB version for $269, but you'd be paying more money for fewer features.

With that in mind, there's very little reason for Microsoft to continue selling its original console, which has a rocky reputation and looks dated. As a knock on effect, the company should be able to meet demand for both modern consoles this holiday season.

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