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Microsoft to Remove ReFS Support on Windows 10 Pro Through the Fall Creators Update

Resilient File System format will still be supported after the Fall Creators Update, but only on Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Pro for Workstations.


When updates Windows, the platform typically loses some features as it gains many more. This is usually because features become obsolete or replaced. The same will undoubtedly happen when the (FCU) launched this fall.

A report from Ars Technica suggests will ditch one important feature through the FCU. Specifically, the Resilient File System will be removed from the platform.

The removal of the feature was spotted on a support Page for the Fall Creators Update. Basically, the omission from Windows 10 Pro would mean users on that version of the platform will not be able to create new ReFS volumes.

The version will be limited to Read and Write functionality. This is good news if you already have Windows 10 Pro as you will be able to continue updating ReFS after the Fall Creators Update.

However, it is worth noting users on Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 10 Pro for Workstations will be able to continue using Resilient File System.

ReFS is a file system that is more durable against data corruption. The format is used on machines that handle large amounts of data, making it ideal for enterprise users. It is unclear why Microsoft is removing it from Pro, but it could be a way of getting customers to upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise.

Fall Creators Update

Microsoft is expected to launch the Fall Creators Update in the fall. The newest version of Windows 10 will come with many new features and abilities. For example, it will sport the new Fluent Design UI, which will be developed and improved through updates and Windows versions.

Interestingly, Microsoft also announced it will be killing off Paint with the FCU. The company released Paint 3D with the Creators Update in April, and says normal Paint will be removed.

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