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Microsoft is expanding its Azure storage options with a new option for cloud customers. Called Azure Archive Blob Storage, the solution is opening in preview. It offers developer a more affordable way to store archival data over a long period.

Users who archive vast data such as camera footage, logs, audio, and documents may not need quick access to data. Microsoft says the new Azure Archive Blob Storage will sit alongside its current cold and hot blob storage tiers.

With archival tiers, data is not readily available. Instead, developers must retrieve the content, which can take up to 15 hours.

Microsoft describes Archive Blob Storage as a cost effective solution for organizations.

It allows customers to get secure and durable cloud storage for rarely accessed data. In its announcement, the company discusses the benefits of the new storage tier:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Archive access tier is our lowest priced storage offering. Customers with long-term storage which is rarely accessed can take advantage of this. For more details on regional preview pricing, see Azure Storage Pricing.
  • Seamless Integration: Customers use the same familiar operations on blobs in the Archive tier as on blobs in the Hot and Cool access tiers. This will enable customers to easily integrate the new access tier into their applications.
  • Availability: The Archive access tier will provide the same 99% availability SLA (at General Availability (GA)) offered by the Cool access tier.
  • Durability: All access tiers including Archive are designed to offer the same high durability that you have come to expect from Azure Storage with the same data replication options available today.
  • Security: All data in the Archive access tier is automatically encrypted at rest.


Archive Storage and Blob-level Tiering are now available for all Blob Storage accounts. Customers managing large data sets, Microsoft is allowing account upgrades to Cool, Blob, and Archive tiers.