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Microsoft has embraced virtual, mixed, and augmented reality more than most. HoloLens is the driver, but the company has thrown the gauntlet to developers to create solutions. Dev’s have taken that task and we have seen numerous ideas come to fruition.

WalkingCat is reporting on a new Microsoft patent that furthers it input development. Specifically, the company is working on a wand-like device that will work with augmented reality.

The device is a stylus-like product that may be like Microsoft’s existing Surface Pen. Microsoft has been clear that it sees mixed reality becoming a whole computing platform. The company is building up hardware (proprietary and through OEMs) such as a Mixed Reality Controller, and headsets.

Apple and Google are two major Microsoft rivals who are embracing a different method. Those companies have focused on more mainstream niche devices. Microsoft is clearly moving towards the full integration of mixed reality in Windows 10.


However, the company is also playing the long game. HoloLens is still in development and will remain so until 2019. Microsoft says it will extend the developer edition to allow more content to be created. HoloLens 2.0 will launch to consumers, hopefully with an extensive list of apps and features.

Windows Mixed Reality

While HoloLens remains a distant solution, Microsoft is already making gains in mixed reality. This year, the company will bring mixed reality to Windows 10 with OEM built headsets.

Microsoft’s Holographic Shell for Windows 10. Using mixed reality, the devices will marry aspects of HoloLens with VR products like Oculus Rift.

For example, like HoloLens, users will be able to interact with 3D objects in a real environment. On the other hand, users can also interact with media (games, movies, apps) in a 3D environment, like Oculus Rift.