Image: TorrentFreak

One of the biggest problems facing Windows 10, particularly as a mobile platform, is its situation with apps. Applications on the Windows Store have been a problem for years. Form a lack of major names to a glut of junk apps, the experience on Windows is frustrating. A new report suggests the situation may be worse than thought.

Torrent Freak says the Windows Store is full of apps that allow access to pirated content. In a report, the outlet says the apps are universal across PC, mobile and Xbox. They allow users to get quick access to pirated movies, TV shows, and more.

The report says the available pirated content is not even available on traditional (legal) streaming services. As well as many movie and TV apps, there are also services for pirated music.

Some of the named apps include “Free Movies Online” and “HD Movies Online 2019”. These services are easily found as they are located on the Windows Store trending apps section. Of course, Microsoft is not willingly placing these apps at the forefront. Instead, the store algorithm selects apps that are among the most popular.

Of course, the Windows Store is not alone. Android’s Google Play Store has been plagued by these kinds of apps for years. However, Google is generally better at finding and removing them, or at least burying them.

Torrent Freak’s report suggest the Windows Store is awash with these apps. This in turn suggests Microsoft process for app submission is broken and needs changes. There is also the feeling that this situation furthers the theory that Microsoft is abandoning the store.

Repairing the Windows Store

Microsoft has certainly tried to improve the Windows Store over the years. Indeed, the company has proactively attempted to address the lack of major apps on the market. The Universal Windows Platform and Project Centennial seek to directly solve these problems.

Whether those projects will ultimately work remains to be seen, it seems too early to pass clear judgement. Although, it is clear Microsoft needs to do more work to make the store a better experience.