Surface Pro  Microsoft

Microsoft has fixed an issue it caused with Windows Hello on its Surface Pro 4 device. The problem has been present since an update on July 21, when the company rolled out a large set of firmware updates to the 2-in1. The camera was no longer working correctly, caused by an undocumented upgrade to its driver.

Users began to complain almost instantly about the issue, but Microsoft didn’t admit to the problem until August 2nd.

‘Small number of devices’

“The update to resolve this issue has gone live on Windows Update (you can obtain this fix by checking Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update,” said employee Bryan H.  “Once installed, the update will require a reboot to initiate the change). The specific driver will be listed as “Surface – System –”

“This update addresses an issue that recently impacted the Windows Hello experience on a small number of Surface Pro 4 devices.”

Though that final sentence is very much in question, Microsoft has at least resolved the problem. It does, however, raise further questions about the company’s testing process, and its communication.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen important bugs that really should have been caught by Microsoft. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update broke webcams, for example. Accidents happen, but such mistakes don’t convince users that updating a single OS is the way forward.

Whatever the case, it’s fixed now, and you can get the update through the usual route. More details are available on the Surface Pro 4 update history page.