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Microsoft Teams Getting Improved Admin Controls in Coming Days

Microsoft Teams will give admins more control, such as defining which apps are available to end users. There will be three new features coming to the service in the next few days.


service, Teams, will be getting a new update in the coming days. Microsoft says it will be boosting the management of the service with new admin features. These additions will be focused on connected experiences, otherwise known as apps that connect into .

The impending release was announced by Microsoft's Luis Carrasco in a blog post. He points to three new admin abilities that will come with the update:

 “Put simply, there will be three new controls that will allow you to manage in detail which third party apps can be used in Microsoft Teams,” Carrasco says. “As an admin, you can choose to allow or block all third-party apps, individually choose which apps to allow or block, choose what happens as new apps get submitted into the Microsoft Teams app catalog.”

Carrasco discusses how important integrated applications are for Teams. Third party bots, tabs, and connectors bring more functionality and power to the platform. The new update gives admins more control over which apps are made available to end users.

The three new admin controls are:

“Allow external apps in Microsoft Teams: With this control, an admin can either allow or block all third-party apps in Microsoft Teams. Turning this control ”Off” blocks all tabs, bots, connectors, and any new capabilities we add in the future. Turning this control “On” allows admins to select which specific apps are enabled and disabled.

Enable new external apps by default: This control sets the default behavior for what happens to new apps after they're submitted to the Teams app catalog. If an admin wants new apps enabled automatically, set the control to “On”. Otherwise, set the control to “Off” to prevent all new third-party apps from being enabled. 

Allow sideloading of external apps: Sideloading is the process of adding apps to Microsoft Teams by uploading a zip file directly to a team. It's useful because it allows users to test an app as it's being developed. Sideloading also lets you build an app for internal use only, so you can share it with your team without submitting it to the Teams app catalog.”

Recent Microsoft Teams Update

Late last month, Microsoft introduced HD video and audio calling for Teams on Android and iOS. A new Meetings tab was also introduced.  With this tab, users can view all scheduled meetings, change details and join or leave meetings from their iOS device.

It is worth noting while meetings can be managed on the move after this release, they still cannot be created on mobile.

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