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Microsoft Wanted to Build Accessories for Apple? Leaked iPad Touch Cover Suggests Yes

A leaked document shows that Microsoft once listed an iPad Touch Cover, a product that would have provided a charging base, cover, and potential keyboard for an iPad.


For watchers of a certain vintage, the idea of the company as a hardware brand is still a novelty. The reality is, Surface devices have been turning Microsoft into a bona fide hardware maker for years. However, Microsoft has always kept its hardware mostly in house, although it perhaps worked on an iPad Touch Cover.

Sure, the company develops periphery hardware like mouse and keyboard that work across OEM products. Mostly hardware and accessories from Microsoft are its own devices, or accessories for Windows partners.

Certainly, making an accessory for the iPad seems a strange choice. 's slate is arguably the biggest rival to Microsoft's Surface Pro and Surface Book. We believe Windows makes those devices transcend the iPad, but consumers don't think that way. The iPad Pro and iOS is a major threat to Surface.

So, is the iPad Touch Cover legitimate? Well, Microsoft accidently leaked it on a download page for documentation regarding Lithium Batteries. A listing shows the “iPad Touch Cover (Model 1719)”.

What is the iPad Touch Cover?

Interestingly, the product sits alongside other Microsoft hardware like HoloLens, Band, and Surface. The first thing we thought was that perhaps this is an Apple accessory that Microsoft is listing for some reason.

This theory is quickly pushed aside because of the Touch Cover branding. This is the name Microsoft gave to its own covers for the Surface Pro. It seems that at some point, the iPad Touch Cover was a thing.

It is not clear if this is something in development, a shelved product, or just a test listing. The documentation shows the cover would have contained a battery for Bluetooth charging.

The original Surface Touch Cover also housed a keyboard, which could have been carried over to the iPad design.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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