Minecraft in glorious 4K anyone? Well, you will have to wait until November when the Xbox One X drops for some of that action. In the meantime, Microsoft is preparing the game, which could launch soon.

A tweet by Aubrey Norris, a developer for Microsoft-owned Mojang, suggests that a Minecraft Beta will arrive soon with the upgraded engine for 4K gaming. Yes, the game will likely launch before the Xbox One X does.

That’s not a surprise. While Minecraft will only run native 4K on Microsoft’s new console, the updated game will function across all Xbox One devices.

Microsoft has recently announced that the Windows 10 edition of the game will be integrated into Xbox One. This means the upcoming beta will get features from both versions married together.

The rendering engine underpinning the new experience is known as Bedrock. Xbox Insiders will almost certainly get to test this engine with Minecraft before the full launch. Norris’ tweet suggests that could be soon.

Announced at E3 2017 earlier this summer, Minecraft with 4K is the icing on the cake for an update that brings significant changes to the game.

One of the most exciting developments in Minecraft (even recent gaming) history, is cross-play. Microsoft announced gamers can interact across multiple platforms, including console, PC, and mobile.


This changes the way gamers use Minecraft. Until now, the game has been separated via platforms. This means that PC version is different from the console version, which in turn is different from mobile. With cross-play, Microsoft is bringing all users together.

It will be possible to play online together, share achievements, pick up and play, all across platform.

We reported at the time that Sony has opted out of Microsoft’s cross-play plans. The company cited the integrity of its own users for the decision. This means, the PlayStation 4 will not be included in the cross-play fun.