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Xbox One Fall Creators Update Roundup: Store Gifting, Fluent Design, New Avatars, and More

A Myriad of improvements will come with the Xbox One Fall Creators update, including USB support, gifting functionality, and the ability to play original Xbox games. Here's a roundup of everything important.


The Fall Creators Update brings hundreds of new features to the PC, but that doesn't mean has forgotten about the . With just a few more months left until it ships, we can provide a solid indication of most of the features that will appear.

By the looks of things, they will be most significant in a while, launching alongside the native 4K . The software giant is looking to impress its new users, and part of that is a fresh new interface.

We've seen a lot of hints about Microsoft's Fluent Design System, which will make use of blurred, transparent panels and additional texture. It's a noticeable improvement over previous UI's keeping the simplicity of Windows 10 but adding some of the visual flairs from Windows 7's aero.

However, it's not just in static elements that this will become apparent. The core principles of are Material, Light, Scale, Depth and Motion. Assumedly, we'll see some sleek new animations on the Xbox One, though Fluent Design will roll out in an iterative fashion, so it's hard to say which elements will make it into this build.

Whatever the case, the teaser images Microsoft has shown so far look incredible. It should be the biggest change since launch, and Mike Ybarra has hinted at improvements to speed, too.

Backward Compatibility for the Original Xbox

Something we know for sure is the introduction of original Xbox games to the Xbox One catalog. Its announcement received a very favorable reception at E3 this year, and should work pretty much identically to existing Xbox 360 support.

That is, you should be able to play with any physical disks, but if you have (understandably) thrown them out, there are digital copies available. We're yet to hear back on a list for all the games, but we do know that Fuzion Frenzy and Crimson Skies will be among them.

Xbox Avatars Overhaul

As well as bringing back old games, Microsoft will be revamping somewhat forgotten features. While Xbox Avatars were a big part of Xbox 360, they've fallen into the background with Xbox One. Microsoft is looking to change that with a full overhaul.

I could go into all of the details, but the video really shows it off the best:


There should also be more customization options, a better portrayal of disabilities, and more. They'll  feel a lot more dynamic and in line with the modern age.

USB Support and Store Gifting

Finally, some more minor but much-requested features. Mike Ybarra recently confirmed that support for USB devices will come with the Xbox One X, meaning streamers will be able to plug in their own webcams and record face cams.

You should also be able to connect headlines and microphones, but it's not clear if the improvements will be there at launch or sometime later in the year.

More concrete is the ability to gift games from the Xbox Store. Ybarra says the ability is “not far” from a public release. With hope, it will also make an appearance with the Fall Creators update.

Alongside all of these, there are bound to be hundreds of little tweaks, fixes, and additional surprises. We'll just have to wait to find out, but only until September, when the update will ship.

Last Updated on July 30, 2017 4:07 pm CEST

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