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The Apple Watch is soon to go through its third iteration and the wearable could be launched alongside the iPhone 8 this fall. This year, the third-generation device will land with some important new features, but perhaps not a much-anticipated new design.

Quanta, the chief supplier for the Apple Watch, has recently ramped up production. In previous years, this has meant the Watch is close to being launched. The manufacturing company is also predicting a strong financial close to the year. Apple’s wearable is comfortably Quanta’s biggest contract, so a solid financial outlook is likely on the back of the Watch 3 launch.

Most information is coming from iPhone 8 rumors, which is the norm this time of year. However, some Apple Watch 3 news is sneaking through. Launching the Apple Watch 3 alongside the new smartphone makes sense.

Indeed, that’s what Cupertino did last year with the announcement of the Watch 2 and the iPhone 7. More important than when it will arrive, is what can we expect from Apple Watch 3?

Well, naturally the product will be getting a spec bump. Apple is working on improving overall performance through processing speed, while delivering better battery life.

Probably the most significant new addition will be the introduction of cellular connectivity. While other smartwatches from rivals have this ability, it will be a first for Apple’s wearable. Cellular connectivity means the Apple Watch 3 will allow users to make calls, send iMessages, and stream music.

Changing Looks?

New features are, of course, nice, but there will be no updated design for the Apple Watch 3. Apple is seemingly locked into an incremental aesthetic update cycle like the early years of the iPhone. Whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on your personal view of the Apple Watch design.

It divides opinion for sure, but like the iPhone, Apple is not operating on looks alone. The Apple Watch has become comfortably the most popular wearable. So much so, there is a good argument to suggest Apple has created iPhone like buzz within the niche market.

Looking to the early life of the iPhone, Apple waited until the fourth generation before delivering a drastic design change. With that in mind, many Apple Watch fans will be looking to next year’s fourth generation for a new design.