Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has confirmed that the live-action Halo TV series is still in active development. In a statement at AR12Gaming, a Microsoft spokesperson and representative of 343 Industries reveals that progress on the show continues.

Back in May 2013, Microsoft announced the Halo TV series alongside the Xbox One console. At the event, Microsoft revealed that Steven Spielberg would be the lead creative partner.

However, as a result of several setbacks, we have heard little about the Halo live-action TV show since May 2013. In summer 2014, the Xbox Entertainment Studios closed down after a massive round of layoffs.

Despite that, 343 Industries continued work on the project which apparently remains on track. In its statement, the Microsoft spokesperson says that the company wants to deliver the best Halo series possible.

Halo TV series air date

Given the mixed response to Halo Nightfall, 343 Industries wants the Halo TV series to be the best it can be. In the past, Microsoft had to cancel several similar attempts such as the Japanese-developed Scalebound, as well as Fable Legends and Project Knoxville.

The Halo TV series was meant to air when Halo 5: Guardians launched last October, however, it seems development on the show will go on for a few more years. Of course, there is a chance that it will air alongside the next mainline Halo game, but that’s only speculation.