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OnePlus 5 Problem Reboots Your Phone When Calling 911

The moment you call the emergency line, the flagship phone of OnePlus shuts down, leaving users helpless. A number of Reddit users have reported this OnePlus 5 problem so far.


Several users have reported a OnePlus 5 problem which doesn't allow them to call 911, instantly rebooting their devices. The OnePlus 5 bug has created concerns among owners of the phone, with some of them taking to Reddit to report the troubling glitch.

What happens is if you own a OnePlus 5 and try calling 911, your phone will instantly reboot, leaving you helpless. So, in case you happen to own the handset, you should try now to test call your local (non-emergency) police station.

OnePlus has commented on the issue. The company says it has contacted the user that first reported the problem, and prompts every user who has experienced the same to send an email at [email protected].

If your phone reboots, it means it also has that OnePlus 5 problem and you won't be able to call 911 in case of an emergency. So far, at least three users have claimed to be able to reproduce the malfunction.

In fact, a Reddit user posted footage on , exposing the OnePlus 5 bug. The short clip that user Nick Morrelli has upload shows the OnePlus5 shut down when he calls 911.


GPS may cause OnePlus 5 problem

As it's easily understandable, not all users will notice that OnePlus 5 bug, however, it could cause a lot of trouble for some. What remains uncertain is the reason behind the issue, with some users on Reddit speculating it could have something to do with the device's GPS system.

This means that the OnePlus 5 problem may not be limited to 911, but to all emergency lines that leverage your GPS to locate you. As it is often with such bugs, OnePlus will likely provide a software update in the near future to resolve the OnePlus 5 issue.

Until then, if you notice that your OnePlus 5 reboots when you try to call 911, better carry a backup phone with you.

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Kostas Papanikolaou
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