Apple has always been among the most secretive tech brands. While some companies will send out leaks to drum up attention, Apple is already the most watched company. We have previously reported how CEO Tim Cook is obsessed with keeping products under wraps.

Call it paranoia or a wise move, either way, Apple is ramping up its secrecy. The company is now clamping down on overflying drones around its Apple Park campus in California. According to Apple Insider, security guards are tasked with telling drone operators that UAVs cannot be used in the airspace around the campus.

It is hardly a surprise the company would do this. Not even to just protect secrets, but to also keep out the media.

If you are unfamiliar with Apple Park, it is the company’s new headquarters. Staying in Cupertino, the new center will replace 1 Infinite Loop. It was opened in April in limited capacity, with Apple’s R&D department (2,000 staff) moving in.

Construction continues the project, which will eventually house 17,000 employees. Media attention around the futuristic the complex has been intense. Equally, Apple has shrouded the project in secrecy.

Journalists found drones to be an effective way of getting close to the campus. This is because the area is not an official Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) no-fly zone. In other words, anyone can fly there.

This means Apple does not have specific authority to stop drones flying over the park. That has not stopped the company from attempting to ground overflying drones.

It is a conflict that is likely to play out as journalists and indeed anyone else has the right to use the sky above the park.

Apple’s Secrecy

Back in June, we reported on a new initiative within Cupertino to stop leaks coming from within the company. The iPhone maker is probably the most leaked company in the world, but is clamping down on how those leaks get out.

The company holds employee conferences to school staff on preventing leaks. The presentation aims to educate employees on the culture of leaks. Titled “Stopping Leakers – Keeping Confidential at Apple,” the briefing lasts an hour and is run by Apple’s security experts.