Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has issued a fix for the recently discovered for the recently discovered Surface Pro hibernation problem. A few days after identifying the issue, Microsoft provides users with a simple fix that addresses the problem.

In case you own a new Surface Pro and have experienced random hibernation problems, all you have to do is update your device. In a blog post, Microsoft provides a firmware update which fixes the hibernation issue, and you can get it by checking Settings > Update & security > Windows Update.

Some Surface Pro owners began reporting that they were having hibernation/sleep issues with the new devices. On July 10, Microsoft officials said they had identified the issue causing the Surface Pro energy problem.

Fortunately, the latest firmware update for the newest Surface Pro resolves that issue. This, however, isn’t the first time that Microsoft has had to deal with Surface power issues.

Surface Pro 3 battery issues

Almost a year ago, Microsoft had to brush off a nagging Surface Pro 3 battery problem. Several users started complaining that their devices were losing battery at a rapid pace. It was found that Surface Pro 3 units with SIMPLO batteries were affected by this bug.

Microsoft insisted it would not pay for replacement units. The best offer from the company was to cut the price of a replacement to $500. However, it was later found to be an issue caused by software. This meant it could be fixed with a patch, so Microsoft promptly sent out a firmware update.

Unfortunately, the firmware solution did not work at all. Customers started complaining again about poor battery degradation on the Surface Pro 3. Finally, in November 2016, Microsoft issued a fix for the problem.

The company said that confusion between battery management and the system caused the degradation. Microsoft said it had solved the problem, but it would take a few charging cycles to work.