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Viking Technology Debuts Record-Breaking 50TB SSD

Designed for datacenters and high-demand users, the new Viking Technology Silo SSD has the most storage capacity of any solid storage unit before it.


Storage is hugely important for consumers and businesses. Indeed, it can be an important defining factor when buying a machine, especially when comparing a Solid-State Drive (SSD) next to a Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Viking Technology has shown how far SSD improvements can go with a record-breaking drive.

The company has developed a new SSD that has a 50TB capacity. The unit is part of the Ultra High-Capacity (UHC) Silo SSD series of products. The drive obviously allows a massive amount of data to be held. This is an ideal SSD solution for .

Viking says the 50TB SSD will also help datacenter storage through its reduced power consumption next to HDD. Even with its benefits, the drive is still the same 3.5-inch size and has a standard SAS interface.

Energy efficiency was a focus of the company in development of the new Silo SSD. Viking Technology sought to bring the idle power consumption below 10 watts. Even running active, the drive uses just 16W of power. In the release notes, the company says this allows a higher capacity per rack, but less power per terabyte.

Of course, 50TB is definitely reserved for a specific customer. If you find the capacity is too much, then Viking also has a 25TB version.

“There is no higher capacity SSD solution available today than the UHC-Silo SSD” says Hamid Shokrgozar, president of Viking Technology. “These drives enable datacenter administrators to easily migrate to SSD performance, along with a tremendous increase in capacity. With space and cooling being critical drivers for today's datacenters, these advantages are a game changer.”

Price and Specs

As this is a datacenter-grade drive and it is a record-breaking storage amount, the price reflects the hardware. For example, a 1TB SSD costs a couple of hundred bucks, but a new Viking Technology Silo SSD 50TB will cost $15,000 for one drive. Ouch.

Important specs:

  • 25 TB and 50 TB raw capacities
  • Planar MLC NAND
  • Dual-port SAS 2.x compliant interface
  • 5-inch industry standard form factor
  • Up to 60,000/15,000 IOps (4 KB) reads/writes
  • Up to 500/350 MBps (256 KB) reads/writes
  • 16W typical power consumption
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