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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Build 16241 to Insiders with Gaming and Mixed Reality Improvements

Windows 10 build 16241 brings the Fall Creators update close to completion, containing improvements to task manager, Windows Shell, PC gaming, and more. However, several crucial issues may be a deal-breaker for some.


has released another Windows 10 update to Insiders, bringing it one step closer to a general release. This Fall Creators Update build shows a shift in focus from features to improvements and fixes, a positive sign for its September release.

The build combines with an announcement from Microsoft about its Bug Bash event. The Windows team will join users in a week long quest to find and squash any remaining issues. You can join from today until July 23rd and earn badges and more.

Windows 10 Build 16241

Of course, the real excitement is in new features and improvements, and thankfully there are plenty in this build. Here's a summary of the main ones:

  • Windows Shell Improvements:
    • Recover your pin and password from the lock screen
    • We've heard your feedback, and in response in today's build you'll notice we've softened the noise layer of Acrylic Material.
  • Improvements:
    • We fixed an issue preventing profile cards in the Xbox Live in-game experience from working.
    • We also fixed an issue causing Game bar to crash while broadcasting.
  • Task Manager Improvements:
    • The GPU name is now shown on the left-hand side of the Performance tab for each GPU.
    • We now default to the multi-engine view, which shows performance monitors for the four most active GPU engines. Typically you'll see charts for the 3D, Copy, Video Encode and Video Decode engines. Right-click on the chart to switch back to the single-engine view.
    • There is now a total GPU memory text counter next to the dedicated and shared text counters at the bottom of the Performance tab.
    • The Direct X version now also contains the highest supported DX feature level.
    • We've heard your feedback that other Microsoft Edge processes could use better labels. Starting in Build 16241, additional processes (such as the Chakra JIT Compiler, UI Service, and Manager process) are now labeled in Task Manager.
  • Mixed Reality Improvements:
    • Added support for Mixed Reality Motion Controllers over USB (Wireless/Bluetooth support to come soon!)
    • Connection reliability improvements (Code 43 errors in Device Manager).
    • We've updated teleportation experience to make this more intuitive and direct.
    • We have also improved stability of the headset during your Mixed Reality session.
    • 4K 360 Video streaming has also been improved in this build.
    • 4K 360 Video streaming has also been improved in this build.
    • We have also improved the experience where we can now load the Environment effectively with no black screen during startup.
  • Windows Console & Bash on Windows: Canonical's Ubuntu Linux Distro is now available in the Windows Store and can be downloaded and installed on any Windows 10 Insider Preview build.”

There are some compelling new features in this build, but it's also important to be aware of the known issues. There are some serious problems, including lack g IMAP support in the Mail app, freezing when using the Origin overlay, and the loss of network settings.

As always, we reccommend reading Microsoft's full notes so you're aware of any deal-breakers. You'll also find some improvements we haven't mentioned here, including Mobile enchancements and changes to delivery optimization options.

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