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Microsoft eBook Giveaway Returns with Millions of Books Available for Free

The Microsoft eBook Giveaway allows users to download free eBooks from Microsoft’s extensive catalog of content for its own products.


Good news for bookworms. The eBook giveaway is back, and this time the extravaganza is truly massive. Eric Ligman, Director of Sales Excellence announced this year's Microsoft eBook giveaway and confirmed the free reads will be extensive in 2017.

Indeed, Ligman says the company will give away “millions” of eBooks at no cost. If you are unfamiliar with the giveaway, it is worth noting that these are Microsoft-specific eBooks. That means you are not going to be downloading the latest James Patterson.

Instead, these are Microsoft eBook downloads that cover the company's various platforms and products. Ligman says categories include: “Windows 10, , Office 2016, Power BI, Azure, Windows 8.1, Office 2013, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013, Dynamics CRM, PowerShell, Exchange Server, System Center, Cloud, SQL Server and more!”

Ligman has conducted the Microsoft eBook giveaways before, but this one is different. For the first time, Microsoft has released a list of the eBooks available. Of course, as the company says there are “millions” we hope you forgive us for not listing them here.

Ligman explained how the Microsoft eBook giveaway has evolved over the years:

“If you have been a follower of mine in the past, you know that several years ago I tried a simple concept: Let's try giving away a bunch of free eBooks, reference guides, Step-By-Step Guides, and other informational resources to our customers and partners around the world.

 Needless to say, the concept was extremely the first year (over 1,000,000 FREE eBooks downloaded), and it has grown and grown over the past few years (over 3.5 Million downloaded three years ago and we surpassed that by a lot last year!) So, how many FREE eBooks can we give away this year? That is completely up to you.”


On the list website, Microsoft splits all of the books into categories and subcategories to make them easier to find. Download links are available in all common formats and are completely free. Microsoft has also made them free forever, which means once you download them they will not expire.

If you think these is use from the whole collection, Microsoft has provided a list to download all of the books together.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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