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Facebook Messenger Ads to Go Global

The Facebook Messenger ads will exist in the main inbox tab, between chat threads, but not inside conversations.


Facebook has announced that it will start rolling out ads to the rest of the world over the coming weeks.

After testing Messenger ads in Australia and Thailand, the world's most popular will begin to show ads in the main inbox tab of Messenger.

The Facebook Messenger ads will exist in the main inbox tab, between chat threads. However, they won't appear inside conversations.

Marketers will be able to buy targeted Facebook Messenger ads alongside News Feed and , in Facebook's ad manager. The company will start rolling out ads slowly over the coming weeks, starting with a small percentage of users around the world.

An example of a Facebook Messenger ad – Image: Facebook

Fewer ads in the Facebook News Feed

With over 1.2 billion users worldwide, Facebook Messenger is one of the most-used messaging application worldwide. Given that Facebook has warned it's nearing the limit of ads it can show in the News Feed, Messenger ads come at a good time for the company.

Of course, showing traditional ads is a change for Facebook Messenger. The company originally pushed businesses to create Messenger chat bots for chatting directly with customers.

These so-called chat bots have yet to catch on widely, but recently Facebook made changes in order to help users find them and use them more easily.

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