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Microsoft Giving Away Six Months of Free Groove Music Subscriptions

If you want to access 40 million streaming songs from Groove for free until the end of the year, Microsoft has a deal for that. The company is currently running a special promotion that runs until the close of July 12.


's is a solid enough service. However, with major rivals like Spotify and Music on the market, Microsoft needs to give users a compelling reason to use Groove. For the most part, that has meant the company enticing with extended free trials. Today, Microsoft has issued the biggest yet.

Potential Groove subscribers are now getting several free months of usage. Although, this time Microsoft is changing up the deal a little.

As mentioned, the company has previously offered four-month free trials in November, February, and April. This time, Microsoft want customers to commit to Groove with a one-month subscription ($9.99).

In return, Microsoft will give you two promo codes that unlock three months of free use each. So, this means you can unlock both codes yourself and get six months of unpaid, unlimited, Groove access. In total, you would have the first month (which you paid for) and an additional six months, which would not be charged.

Microsoft says instead of cashing in both codes yourself, it is possible to send one to a friend. Of course, the company hopes some users will do this and attract more subscribers.

It is admittedly an excellent offer. Sure, it probably screams to the world that Groove is struggling and Microsoft is trying every trick in the book to make it competitive.

It is worth noting that this deal seems to be locked down to the United States. As is usually the case with these things, you will be automatically billed for a Groove subscription once the promotion period is over. Additionally, Microsoft is only running the offer until the close of tomorrow (July 12). So, if you're interested, best to get a move on.


Unfortunately, rather than send out these headline grabbing offers, we would prefer Microsoft to add more features to Groove.

For example, the service is very good, and I am a fan of it on iOS especially. However, it lacks some core abilities, chief of them a family subscription. Sure, Groove lets users download songs to up to four devices, but it still only allows streaming on a single device.

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