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Apple Siri Scores 15% Decline as Competition from Google, Alexa, Cortana Is Building Up

Apple’s voice assistant Siri remains the most popular with 41.4 million monthly active users but has lost over 7 million since last year. Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana grew in usage and engagement.


Despite losing 15% of its monthly active users, 's Siri remains by far the most popular voice assistant in the world, a new report from Verto Analytics says. The measurement firm has published new statistics which put Siri on top of the ' market with 41.4 million monthly users.

Last May, Apple's AI assistant had 48.7 million monthly users but has declined amid competition from other brands. The time each user spends using Siri is now at 14 minutes, dropping from 39, while engagement has dropped from 21 to 11.

Verto Analytics puts S-Voice in second place, with 's voice assistant also scoring a decline. Currently, S-Voice has 23.2 million monthly users, dropping from last year's 24.8 million.

's Text-to-Speech assistant remains in third place but scored an impressive 160% growth, currently standing at 19.8 million monthly users. The gap between Google's Text-to-Speech and Samsung's S-Voice is now 3.4 million monthly users, while last year the difference was 17.2 million users.

According to the report by Verto Analytics, 's usage and engagement has tripled during the past year – Image: TechCrunch

Cortana scores 350% growth, Alexa gains momentum

Unfortunately for , Cortana is still very low on the list of voice assistants, ranking 7th. Cortana scored a 350% growth in monthly users, reaching 0.7 million, however, Microsoft's voice assistant can't push through the barrier of 1 million yet.

's Alexa, on the other hand, has managed to not only break the barrier of 1 million monthly users but reached 2.6 million users. One year ago, Alexa had 0.8 million monthly users, scoring a 325% growth since May of 2016.

Overall, the study concludes that phone-based assistants like Siri and Samsung's S-Voice, are declining in popularity. On the other hand, voice assistants that are associated with voice computing at home like Alexa and Google Home's mobile app, are growing.

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