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Xbox One X Early Benchmark Shows Beginning of Scaling to 4K

A benchmark for the Xbox One X shows how the console can upscale older Xbox One games to 4K. The console is expected to deliver better performance than the results show, but early tests are encouraging.


's is a beast, this much we know. The company has been eager to talk up the specs and abilities of what is comfortably the most powerful console ever made. However, we still don't know just how beastly the X will be. While the full launch this November will be the real answer to the question, Eurogamer is shedding light on Xbox One X performance.

In a recent report, the outlet received a look at the Xbox One X () full from ForzaTech. The test put the console through its paces by running several unnamed games in native 4K.

Before continuing, it is worth mentioning that these games were ported in a basic method. There was no optimization that other titles will go through for the Xbox One X. In other words, even these results will likely be improved upon when full benchmarks are released.

As Eurogamer points out, it is possible to figure out which games were used in the test. ForzaTech only named the genre, resolution, and framerate, but some of Microsoft's big hitters were involved.

The company says Forza Motorsport 7 upscaled very well to 4K on Xbox One X, able to run at 60fps. However, Gears for War 4 was unable to match that and enjoyed just a small boost in comparison. As these are unoptimized by Microsoft, there is still room for improvement.

Upscaling to 4K

Microsoft has promised to optimize Gears 4, but it will be a major challenge to do so. Earlier Xbox One games and Xbox One S titles running 900p and 720p also struggled to make the scaling to 4K. For example, Assassins Creed: Origins scaled up to 2160p.

We are sure that by time it launches, the Xbox One X will be delivering the kind of scaling performance Microsoft has promised.

The company says the console will give around a four-time performance enhancement on games coming from older Xbox One machines. To achieve this, developers are advised to begin their ports with high-end PC settings.

This allows a 1080p Xbox One game to upscaled to 4K for the Xbox One X. We will find out when the console debuts on November 7 for $499.

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