Windows  SDK own collage from official Microsoft

Microsoft has today announced the release of the new Windows 10 Preview Build of the SDK. The company says the Preview SDK is Build 16225 and comes with plenty of bug fixes and new changes to the API surface area.

Additionally, Microsoft points out that that this SDK is for those running Windows 10 Insider Previews from Build 16225 and newer. Users interested in downloading the new SDK can do so from the Windows Insider developer section.

As usual, Microsoft is asking for feedback and is also asking users to offer some feature requests for future builds.

In its announcement, the company says the new SDK works with previous Windows SDK builds. It also works within Visual Studio 2017. Microsoft says the release also allows users to continue submitting apps to the Windows Store.

Regarding Visual Studio, Windows SDK now only works exclusively with VS 2017. Microsoft also discusses known issues, such as the designer failing to render when viewing XAML and Designer Windows.

Also, when building apps on older platforms the following build error for compilation fails is shown:

“C:\program files (x860\Windows Kits\10\bin\10.0.16225.0\x86\genxbf.dll:C:\program files (x860\Windows Kits\10\bin\10.0.16225.0\x86\genxbf.dll(0,0): Error WMC0621: Cannot resolve ‘GenXbf.dll’ under path ‘C:\program files (x860\Windows Kits\10\bin\10.0.16225.0\x86\genxbf.dll’. Please install the latest version of the Windows 10 Software Development Kit.
Process ‘msbuild.exe’ exited with code ‘1’.”

Creators Update SDK

There is a work around for this problem by right clicking on a project file and choosing properties. In this menu, users can change the platform version to an older SDK. Back at the end of March, Microsoft rolled out the Windows 10 SDK for the Creators Update.

In April, the company brought the SDK to Visual Studio 2017. Microsoft updated the Universal Windows Platform Tools to add support for the upcoming Creators Update.