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Microsoft Updates OneNote with Education-Focused Improvements, Researcher Integration

Over the past month, OneNote has received improvements to Class Notebooks and Learning Tools, as well as the integration of several new services and the redesigned Windows 10 client.


is really starting to gear up with its -oriented offerings for OneNote. Today it announced all of the changes this month, including the OneNote Class Notebook add-on, which now has over forty partners.

OneNote Changelog

However, the latest release also integrates Researcher, improves Learning Tools, and lets students save Class Notebooks to OneDrive. Here's the full list of education-focused improvements:

  • Class Notebook (1.7.0): 
    • Assignment and grade integration with Edsby.
    • Schoology assignment and grade integration improvements.
    • Skooler assignment and grade improvements.
  • Learning Tools (1.4.0)
    • Improved Syllables accuracy for English.
    • Added Syllables functionality for four new languages—French, German, Italian and Spanish.
    • Improved word detection and highlighting for Chinese and Japanese.
    • Transition to HelpShift for Support email.
  • Find credible sources and content right within OneNote—Researcher is now rolling out in OneNote, making it easy for you to research your essay topic, create outlines and add sources—all without leaving the app. This means you can stay focused and save time, all while researching your topic.
  • Take your Class Notebooks with you—Now you can save a copy of your notebook to your work or personal OneDrive. We know students or teachers move schools and classes; now your notes don't have to be left behind at the end of the school year. Learn how in just a few steps.
  • Redesigned OneNote for now available—Last month, we announced the new design for OneNote, which enhanced usability for those who use assistive technologies, simplified navigation controls and created consistency across devices. Now it is fully available on OneNote for Windows 10.”

These improvements should all help as students return to school after the summer, and will also help push Windows 10 S, Microsoft's new, education-focused operating system. According to product marketing manager Scott Sharpio, we can expect further improvements this summer.

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