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Microsoft has confirmed that one of the most anticipated Microsoft Teams features will miss its launch date. The company had previously said Guest Access would arrive at the end of June. However, officials now admit that the feature won’t make that deadline.

It seems that getting the feature ready for Microsoft Teams takes longer than Microsoft thought. Of course, delays happen and it is just one (albeit welcome) ability. Though, it is worth noting that the company has not said when Guest Access will now arrive.

So, in other words, it is delayed indefinitely until we hear official word otherwise. Turning to guess work, we guess Microsoft will debut the ability at its Inspire event in mid-July.

Guest Access provides more secure but simpler ways to get external access and federation. It will allow external users to access Teams. The company already provides a similar service for Office 365 subscribers.

As you would expect, Microsoft was hardly shouting this delay from the rooftops. Instead, the company posted confirmation of the postponement on the Microsoft Teams User Voice Forums. “Some issues” were cited as the reason for the delay, before a spokesperson issued the following statement:

“When we announced general availability of Teams, we said we were targeting to deliver Guest Access in June, but it’s going to take a bit longer as we ensure a secure and seamless experience for customers.”

Cloud Storage Support

Another new feature promised for this month is still on schedule. Earlier in June, Microsoft announced it is bringing cloud storage support to its business chat solution.

The integration means the Slack competitor allows users to tap into third-party cloud storage providers. Currently, Microsoft Teams only allows support for the company’s own OneDrive service. Microsoft recently announcedother third-party providers like Google Drive and Dropbox are now supported.