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Snapchat Launches Snap Map Feature

Snap Map is a location service inside Snapchat which will show users where their friends are and what activities are taking place in their area.


Snapchat has launched an exciting new feature called Snap Map, bringing a location service to users.

Thanks to Snap Map you can see where your friends and other nearby users are.

Furthermore, Snap Map shows you all the events and activities that are taking place in your vicinity.

Essentially, this new feature allows users to hook up with other nearby Snapchat users. You can update your Snapchat app in iOS or Android and start using the new feature now.

Snap Map Ghost Mode

One of the interesting options of Snap Map is Ghost Mode, which allows users to keep their location to themselves and not let others know where they are.

Of course, the app will automatically have Ghost Mode turned off, so make sure you activate it if you want to keep your location private.

Here is what you have to start using Snap Map:

To get started and view the Snap Map, simply pinch to zoom out from the Snapchat camera! The Snap Map is a new layer on top of the current Snapchat experience. The first time Snapchatters open Snapchat after updating their app, they'll be taken through an onboarding flow outlining how to find the Map and how it works.”



Kostas Papanikolaou
Kostas Papanikolaou
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