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Microsoft Could be Changing Bing Search Design to Match Google’s

An internal test shows that Bing search results now look almost identical to Google Search. Microsoft’s search engine trails Google’s in the market.


Bing is an excellent search engine, but it has always been in the shadow of . Indeed, aside from some in-road in the US market, Bing is a distant second to Google's market-leading search engine. A new report suggests that may be moving the aesthetic of Bing closer towards Google.

Of course, there are only certain ways to create a search engine that is properly functional. With that in mind, there are already glaring similarities between Google and Bing. However, Microsoft's service has always carried its own aesthetic charm.

While I find it hard to clearly say Bing is better than Google, I do think Microsoft's search engine is better looking. Subjective, sure, but it is sad if the company is moving towards Google's design.

MSPoweruser has discovered a new design for Bing that will see it change the look for the search results page. It is clear from the image above that many elements of this design were inspired by .

Current Bing (Top), New Bing (Middle), and Google (Bottom)

As mentioned, there are only so many ways to design the results page and keep it functional. This means across Bing and Google, this page is not full of obvious design elements. Even so, there are now even more similarities between the two.

Changing the Header

For example, the header sections of the two services are now very similar, showing the same filters and an almost exact search icon. Bing's search bar now gets touch of shadow and the background for the header is greyed.

Subtle changes for sure, but enough to make Bing look almost exactly like Google Search. MSPU reports that Microsoft is only testing the new design at the moment. There is no guarantee it will ever be launched as the company tends to often run these kinds of tests.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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