Looking for jobs has been made far easier with the internet, and Google is looking to further simplify the process. The search giant will be building results pages directly into its engine to aid discovery without looking at multiple sites.

To do so, it will be leveraging postings from online job boards on LinkedIn, Monster, WayUp, Facebook, DirectEmployers, and more. It should cut out duplicates and create a more unified and accessible experience.

The service is part of the company’s Google for Jobs program, which it announced at its developer conference last month. It signals a wider push into the job search industry and plans to address problems across the U.S.

Job Alerts and Filters

However, the service is a little more nuanced than it sounds on the surface. As well as regular searches, it lets you filter by job category, title, hours and more. It will also utilize Google’s map technology to tell you how long the commute is – a factor that significantly influences workplace happiness.

Searching for the same metrics over and over is far from intuitive, though, so Google Search also has an alerts system. You can define a series of custom filters and get a push notification each time a job of interest appears.

With so many concerns about AI taking away jobs, its good to see companies using it together to reduce unemployment. For now, the feature is exclusive to the U.S., but with a solid framework in place, it wouldn’t be surprising if it’s soon accessible across the world.