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Gigabyte Sets Speed Record Overclocking Intel Core i7-7740K

The PC component manufacturer overclocked the Intel high-end CPU to a record setting 7.5 GHz, while also breaking records for 3DMark tests.


Silicon giant has been rolling out new high-end chips and price cuts on lower end CPUs in an effort to combat its most aggressive market competition in decades. To test these processors, PC component maker Gigabyte decided to see how well the high-end Intel chips perform. The results are impressive.

Gigabyte decided to push the Intel Core i7-7740K to its limits. The result was a record breaking overclocking stint that broke speed records.

Using HiCookie (and five others), one of its inhouse overclocking staff experts, Gigabyte was able to run the Core i7-7740K through its own X299-SOC Champion motherboard. The company also had to apply significant cooling to ensure the chip would run through the session.

For example, the company used a Corsair AX 1500i power supply coupled with liquid helium cooled to -220 degrees C.

Other important specs for the test were 16GB of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-4333MHz memory, a G.Skill Trident Z 3600C17 RAM and dual Gigabyte Aorus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPUs for the 3DMark tests.


As mentioned, the results were record breaking impressive. Gigabyte overclocked the Intel CPU to an amazing 7.5 GHz. In case you are wondering, that's a new fastest speed.

Additionally, the company also observed records for the 3DMark test. Specifically, the Core i7-7740K scored 356,678 points in 3DMark03, 71,928 points in 3DMark06 with a single GTX 1080 Ti, and 71,176 points in 3DMark06 with two GTX 1080 Ti cards.

Intel has been rattled by the emergence of AMD's Ryzen line of processors. The company has responded with its most powerful hardware ever. It seems at least at the high-end, the company can certainly compete and continue to set the benchmark.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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