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Microsoft Expands Power BI Twitter Solution to 15 Supported Languages

Power BI users of the Twitter solution can now use the analytics tool in four fully supported languages, and an additional 11 in preview.


recently announced an expansion of its solution template in Power BI. The company says the brand and campaign management tool for Twitter now supports 15 languages. These languages are for sentiment analysis within Power BI.

With this expansion, the Twitter solution template now has four fully supported languages (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Additionally, there are now also 11 preview languages: Danish, German, Greek, Finnish, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Turkish.

Power BI customers use the Twitter template as an end to end brand and campaign management solution. It gives users such as marketing managers to gather information based on Twitter trends. It can be set up in a few clicks and helps find positive and negative tweets that can be replied to.

Microsoft Research developed the solution in collaboration with the team. It uses advanced analytics to achieve improved insights for customers.

The Twitter solution template uses Microsoft's text analytics cognitive service to drive its data gathering. This give Power BI the tools to analyse topics, key phrases, and sentiment:

“Once a user sets up the template they can immediately consume insights delivered by this service through the report. This includes understanding dips and peaks in sentiment across time as well as identifying positive/negative hashtags or authors.”

Power BI Apps

In other recent Power BI news, Microsoft announced Power BI Apps, which allows users to keep track of purpose-build reports and dashboards.

With this new service, users can more easily make decisions based on their data information. After an app is installed, the feature can be accessed through the web portal or on a mobile device.

Finding and viewing content is more efficient and available in one hub. The new service is available through Microsoft AppSource or from a shared link.

Luke Jones
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