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Potential Microsoft Leak Hints at Upcoming Surface Mobile Device

The new Surface Mobile device will allegedly utilize Qualcomm Snapdragon, comes with a 185-degree stand, and can project Continuum onto a flat Surface for up to an hour. The validity of the leak is yet to be confirmed.


Rumors have been flying around about Microsoft’s mobile strategy for a long time, but last week they ramped up once more. Reports from the ever-reliable Thurrott.com suggested Microsoft was working on a separate version of Windows 10 Mobile. The branch will allegedly run on a new category of device.

Thanks to a potential leak, we may now have more information about that. A screenshot from a Chinese video with ‘Microsoft Surface Mobile’ branding has some very interesting content in its description. It allegedly comes from the Microsoft China’s account on video site Bilibili.

The text, which has now been deleted, translates roughly to this, courtesy of UMIT on Twitter:

“It’s more than just a mobile device. Based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile platform, a perfect balance between performance and battery advanced productivity; the new ‘ONTO TABLE’ projection Continuum feature enables desktop work for more than an hour; a base that can lean up to 185 degrees provides a more comfortable experience. A specifically designed Surface Pen can call up OneNote in a touch, making notes easier. The new Surface Peking and Surface Slavonia is not just a mobile device, but also a mobile workspace.”

The title apparently reads ‘No.1706 Engineering Device Text and Media Automatic Publushing Test P10 (will be deleted at 18 o’clock)’.

Is it Trustworthy?

All of that sounds great, but we naturally can’t verify the validity of the information. It aligns quite well with recent rumors, with Continuum features that could push it into a different category. Then there’s the fact that Microsoft is working on a composable shell for Windows 10 that lets the OS adapt to smaller devices. That suggests Microsoft is working on a device, and this could be it.

However, there are a couple of concerns. The timing is off for a start, and it generally sounds too good to be true. The logo from the video also looks a bit suspect, not quite matching the current branding.

The mention of Surface Peking and Surface Slavonia is interesting, however. They could be code names for two separate models, such as consumer and enterprise editions. For now, we’re going to take it with a dose of skepticism and wait for further information.

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