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Microsoft Garage Announces New HoloLens Package ‘Holographic Photo Project’

The new app lets users link OneDrive albums to 3D, holographic souvenirs, allowing them to relive their memories in a more immersive way.


has announced one of the most exciting projects by Microsoft Garage so far, the Holographic Photo Project app.

Thanks to this Unity Package, users can project their OneDrive photos into the real world, using Microsoft HoloLens.

Apart from HoloLens, this app requires a OneDrive account with albums of photos. The images can either be auto-generated or created by users.

Holographic Photo Project lets users relive their memories in a much more immersive way.

Here is what you can do with the new app:

  • Link OneDrive albums to 3D, holographic “souvenirs”
  • Place holographic souvenirs in your physical space
  • View your photos in 3D photo arrangements
  • Cycle through all the photos in your albums

The new application comes with the following features:

  • Photo Projections: Associate Holograms to your OneDrive Albums to view your photos in an immersive way, projected into the physical space around you.
  • Carousel Mode: Gaze on a Hologram you've placed, to view the album in carousel mode. Select the Hologram to expand.
  • Adjustment Mode: Customize your Holograms by moving, scaling, or rotating them in any way you like, to fit them into your space.

You can learn more about Holographic Photo Project here.

Microsoft Garage: Eyes to the future

As mentioned above, has made it a tradition to create applications and projects that promise a high-tech future. This cross-company initiative is focused on developing new and compelling experiences.

Microsoft launched Garage in October 2014 and since then the initiative has developed more than 30 , Windows Phone, , and cross-platform apps.

Recently, Microsoft Garage introduced the ‘Your News' curating app for Xbox One, as well as a tool to test the JavaScript APIs of Office in Word.

Last Updated on November 25, 2020 1:24 pm CET

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