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Users of Microsoft’s Live Streaming Service Confused after Botched Mixer Pro Giveaway

Mixer is rewarding users with free Beam Pro membership, but the sudden nature has left many worried about unapproved charges.


recently re-branded its live streaming service from Beam to Mixer, but the that hasn't been the only confusion in recent times. Looking to reward its loyal users, the company gave users over level fifty one year of free Pro membership.

It's a nice little acknowledgment from Microsoft, and really it's hard to complain about free stuff. Unfortunately, it wasn't all too clear how free it was.

A lack of communication from the Mixer team left many users thinking they'd been billed for Pro membership without their permission. There was little distinction on the account page, and, to make matters worse, users received the default Pro email.

When combined with the name change, some users thought they were being charged for a service they'd never heard of.

Full Explanation Coming Soon

To allay all this confusion, the Mixer team will be publishing a blog post soon. Hopefully, this will clear up worries about automatic billing and other technicalities.

For now, we've been able to gather some details from Twitter conversations with support members:

  • Level 10 Mixer Users: Free Sub to a partner of your choice
  • Level 50 Mixer Users: 1 year free Pro and 50k sparks

Level 10 users should see a free sub code on this page. You simply click subscribe on a user and get all of the usual benefits. Microsoft is still rewarding its streamers with the same payment as a regular sub.

If you're level 50 but still unfarmiliar with Pro, expect the following benefits:

  • No Ads: Watch what you want, when you want with no ads, ever.
  • Premium support: Get faster support and answers to all of your questions.
  • 2x EXP multiplier: Earn twice the amount of experience in one sitting with Pro.
  • Early access to new features: Pro users automatically get new features before we release them to the public!
  • Premium chat highlight: Get noticed with a premium chat highlight.”

Enjoy your new functionality and keep an eye on the Mixer blog for more details.

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