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Citrix Receiver Allows Windows 10 S to Run Win32 Apps

The desktop virtualization software company has announced that its UWP application is ready to help users run applications from outside the Windows Store on their Windows 10 S devices.


Since Windows 10 S launched, has received criticism due to the fact that the OS will only run apps from the Windows Store. On top of that, devices will not allow customers change their default browser or search engine.

Apparently, the answer to that problem has arrived. company Citrix has announced that its UWP app, Citrix Receiver, is ready to run on Windows 10 S devices, allowing them to use Win32 apps.

In the announcement, Citrix says that with Citrix Receiver users will be able to run their business critical apps on Windows 10 S. Additionally, the company states that customers will “also get the flexibility to run any other browser like Chrome or another search engine on browser like search.

Citrix Receiver is a Universal Windows Platform application which users can find in the Microsoft Store. Citrix and Microsoft have worked together in the past, with Citrix creating XenDesktop Essentials and XenApp Essentials for Azure.


Windows 10 S: What we know so far

Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 S at its May 2017 education event. The company presented the new operating system as a lightweight version of Windows 10, designed specifically for educators.

Windows 10 S will boot faster than Windows 10 Pro, and will also be more secure and resilient. However, they will only run apps from the Windows Store, meaning that all Win32 applications won't be available to customers.

On top of that, Microsoft announced two weeks ago that Linux distributions on the Windows Store will not work with Windows 10 S.

The silver lining is that users can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro any time they want, for a small fee ($49) if they are from outside education. Teachers, students, and administrators can upgrade for free.

Kostas Papanikolaou
Kostas Papanikolaou
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