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Xbox App for Android Gets Beam Notifications

The latest update for the Xbox app on Android also brings gamerscore leaderboards and the ability to share leaderboards with other users.


users with the Xbox app are receiving a new update today. has issued a new release for the app, with several new features on the way. Alongside some significant changes, the company has also rolled out some typical minor improvements and bug fixes.

The biggest new feature is the introduction of Beam notifications to the Xbox app on Android. As the name suggests, Beam notifications give users update when friends start streaming on Beam.

Another attention grabbing new feature is allows Android users to view gamerscore leaderboards directly in the application. This certainly makes it more convenient that having to turn on an Xbox to see the leaderboards.

Microsoft has also made it possible to share the gamerscore leaderboards with other users. Additionally, an achievement rarity ability makes it easier to track hard-to-get achievements.

The full changelog for the Xbox app on Android is as follows:

  • Receive notifications when your friends are streaming on Beam
  • Added gamerscore leaderboards
  • Share the gamerscore leaderboard
  • Identify hard-to-earn achievements with achievement rarity
  • If you get several notifications when receiving a message, uninstalling and reinstalling the Xbox app should fix the problem.

Beam on Xbox One

Microsoft introduced Beam integration on the Xbox One in March. The company previously acquired the game streaming service last year and is using it to bolster social aspects of the Xbox platform.

all Xbox One gamers get intuitive streaming options, which work across , iOS, and Android. It is one of the most social streaming services available, which drew Microsoft to the company. Social aspects of Beam allow the Xbox Live platform to gain more gamer interactions. For example, gamers can view and participate in other streams.

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