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It has become clear over the last few days that the war against cybercrime is being lost. No matter the system, government, or company, hackers are finding exploits. Microsoft has been vocal about the qualities of Windows as a secure platform. However, it too is vulnerable.

Indeed, a group that has already leaked a Windows SMB exploit says more will be on the way. The so-called Shadow Brokers hacking group have previously leaked alleged U.S. National Security Agency exploits and the EternalBlue Windows exploit.

The latter was at the heart of the now infamous “WannaCry” ransomware attack that occurred last weekend. That particular cyberattack managed to infiltrate hundreds of thousands of machines worldwide, while also crippling the UK’s National Health Service.

Now the group claims that it has more attack tools and also NSA intelligence on foreign banks and ballistic missile programs. Shadow Brokers say they will release the information through a subscription-based service.

The Shadow Brokers first emerged last August. Since then, the cybercrime organization claimed to have access to the purported NSA hacking division known as Equation. It is this division that the Shadow Brokers say they have continued access too.

Earlier in the year, Microsoft said that it had already patched the original Windows exploits.

“When a potential vulnerability is reported to Microsoft, either from an internal or external source, the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) kicks off an immediate and thorough investigation,” the company said at the time.

Cybercrime Subscription

The hackers now say they will leak data each month in exchange for a subscription. The service will give subscribers access to exploits for Windows 10, routers, web browsers, smartphones, and government systems.

Shadow Brokers say they will leave it up to individual subscribers for what they do with the leaked information.