Arguably the biggest aspect of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is a new storytelling application called Story Remix. Both were announced today at Build 2017, but will not be launched until later in the year. Microsoft says the new app is a unique way of storytelling and compiling menus on the platform.

Story Remix has been rumoured for some time, but is finally confirmed. The app allows users to create stories and memories by using photos and videos. By leveraging Microsoft Graph, the service can automatically compile memories from media on a device.

Of course, this is Microsoft taking the creative aspects now baked into Windows 10 further. Once content is created, completed memories can be shared via cinematic transitions, soundtracks, and videos.

The app is loaded with features and Microsoft demoed how it is possible to integrate 3D creations into memories. Indeed, users can include 3D models and creations from Paint 3D into Story Remix.

Build 2017 Demo

This was shown to impressive effect at Build 2017. The company says the level of creation now available to users means they have advanced editing tools to create unique content.

Microsoft points out that many of the features were only available to advanced professionals before.

Story Remix, is in many ways, the new creation and editing tool to replace Windows Movie Makers. Of course, it is much more advanced and takes movie making capabiltiies to a new level.

Interestingly, the app will be a cross platform service. Microsoft says it will be available on iOS and Android, as well as Windows 10.