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Microsoft Cognitive Services Gains Video Indexer and Presentation Translator Capabilities

At Build 2017, Microsoft brought Video Indexer to Cognitive Services. The web app allows users to create metadata and name recognition to their videos.


Today, at , had a slew of announcements regarding most of its services. One of the new additions launched at the event was improvements made to the platform.

More specifically, Microsoft introduced some new apps and capabilities for the platform. One of the new features is a web app called Video Indexer. This allows any Cognitive Services users to manage their large library of videos more easily.

Video Indexer will automatically create metadata through the media. It achieves this by transcribing the video in any of 10 languages supported in Microsoft Translator. This allows the indexer to add subtitles to the file.

The new web app will also leverage facial recognition technology to detect all people in the video. If the person/s are well known enough, the app will assign a name tag. Alternatively, users can add the name themselves.

Video Indexer is more oriented towards users who want to improve discoverability and the ability to monetize their videos. In other words, it is not trying to compete with established streaming services like .

Presentation Translator

Another new feature for Cognitive Services is the Presentation Translator. This is an add-in feature for Microsoft PowerPoint.

Its name is fairly self-explanatory. The Presentation Translator will translate speech from the 10 Microsoft supported languages. However, it can go a step further once the content is in text form. Once in text, the add-in will translate to over 60 languages that Microsoft Translator supports.

Microsoft also rolled out other new services, such as Custom Vision Service, Bing Custom Search, and Custom Decision Service. All of the new additions are now in preview.

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