Application Guard for Microsoft Edge
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has released the Windows Defender Application Guard along with Windows 10 Insider Build 16188. The company announced its plans to improve the security of Microsoft Edge with this mode back in September and now it is available for Windows Enterprise Insiders in the Fast Ring.

According to the company, the new security services will enhance protection on Windows 10, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility and Security. The purpose of Windows Defender Application Guard is to make the Windows 10 Edge browser more secure.

In fact, Microsoft said in September that it designed Application Guard to make Edge the most secure browser. The defender will combat malware, help contain it and stop it from spreading.

Essentially, the Application Guard is a mode for Microsoft Edge. Running Edge in Application Guard mode provides enterprises the maximum level of protection.

How to enable Application Guard

As a result of Microsoft releasing the Windows 10 Insider Build 16188, Enterprise users in the Fast Ring can now get their hands on the Application Guard. In order for users to enable Application Guard, they should follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Turn Windows features on or off” dialog
  • Select the checkbox “Windows Defender Application Guard
  • Click OK and then restart your computer
  • Open Microsoft Edge and click the Edge menu
  • Click the new menu choice “New Application Guard window

Following these steps will result in the opening of a new Microsoft Edge window. There, users can enter any website address they wish to visit and know that Application Guard will isolate their session.

As a result, Application Guard will protect your computer from malware and other cyber attacks possibly triggered while in said protected, Microsoft Edge session.