Shanghai, Microsoft Event

Microsoft fans will be treated to a ton of events this month, with the EDU / Surface Laptop event on Tuesday and Build 2017 next week. Despite this, many have been disappointed with the lack of a Surface Pro refresh.

According to Windows Central, it’s possible not all is lost. Microsoft has informed the press of a May 23 event in Shanghai and there are hints of new hardware news.

Now, whether that will actually be anything to do with the Surface Pro is hard to say. New hardware could involve anything, from Mixed Reality headsets to something new. As of now, the web page simply reads:

“On May 23 in Shanghai, Microsoft will show the world what’s next. Check this site for updates and more information.”

Vice President of Devices in Attendance

As well as new hardware, we know that Vice President of Devices Panos Panay will be in attendance. This is likely where the rumors of new devices have originated from, though Microsoft has also promised “global and regional news”.

The Surface hashtag on that tweet is particularly exciting. That could mean a Pro 5, or more Windows 10 S devices. Some have even hopefully uttered the words Surface Phone.

It would be great to see some exciting new hardware. But be aware that Microsoft has confirmed nothing yet. Panay’s attendance does not necessarily mean new hardware, despite his Surface credentials. “Show the world what’s next” could even refer to a new Productivity Future video. It’s just impossible to know.

Thankfully, we don’t have too long to wait. The event is scheduled for a few weeks time, and details usually leak before then. We’ll be keeping an eye on the event page and letting you know of any new developments.