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Microsoft Makes Azure On-Premises Gateway Generally Available

The on-premises gateway allows Azure customers to connect their cloud-based apps to an on-premises data source and store/manage their in-house data in the cloud.


has today announced a new update for Azure. The release makes an important change to the cloud platform. Chief among them is the general availability of the on-premises data gateway. This means all organizations can benefit and securely connect their apps in the cloud to on-premises data source.

In a blog post, Microsoft explains how the new Azure gateway allows users to move data to the cloud and maintain it on-premises. The company has made the gateway support Azure Logic Apps right now, but it will also support Azure Analysis Services. That additional support will come “in the next few months”.

Customers accessing the on-premises gateway for the first time will see a number of important new features. Microsoft has added support for multiple regions, new on-premises connectors for Logic Apps, and the ability to delete a gateway connection on the platform.

The first of these features means more people will now be able to manage their data in house. Admins now have more settings control, such as the ability to select a region for a gateway. When installing the on-premises gateway, users can choose the region for the Azure Service Bus channel that they want to use.

Microsoft says existing gateways will be moved to match the original tenant locations. For those who have been testing the on-premises gateway in preview, the change of location will be evident.

It is worth noting that the region cannot be changed after the gateway has been installed. The only way to change region is to uninstall and reinstall the gateway.

More Gateway Features

Another ability in the on-premises gateway is the ability to delete the connection resource in Azure. Users can associate a gateway to a different Azure resource.

Additionally, new on-premises connectors have been brought to Azure Logic Apps. These connectors support on-premises data sources on Logic Apps, Oracle EBS, and PostgreSQL.

To get the latest gateway installation, users can download the gateway installer.

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