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222 Second Street: Where LinkedIn Magic Happens inside a State of the Art, 26-Story Skyscraper

Business Insider visited the stunning headquarters of the company in San Francisco which features themed floors, a small spa, a gym, and a Silent Disco. The ground floor is a public space, open to anyone.


In the beautiful world of technology, impressive offices that resemble small cities are not uncommon. The heart of Microsoft beats at One Way, in Redmond, Washington and it's a beautiful campus that even features a shopping mall.

Google has Googleplex, in Mountain View, California, where you can find restaurants and an amphitheater. Apparently, LinkedIn has nothing to be jealous of, despite the fact that its headquarters are not as big as the aforementioned.

Business Insider visited 222 Second Street in San Fransisco and took us on a tour inside the 26-story skyscraper where “ magic” happens.

Microsoft acquired the company in 2016 for a whopping $26.2 billion, and just by the looks of LinkedIn's headquarters, one can understand why the employment-centered services cost that much.

Combining luxury with high-end tech

Just one look at the lobby of LinkedIn's headquarters makes you understand what the remaining 17 floors will look like.

The company leases 18 out of the 26 floors of the skyscraper and all of them combine luxury with high-end technology.

Visitors are greeted with a modern art mini museum (the lobby), and sign-in at the reception room. This is also where the employees of LinkedIn check-in when they arrive for work.

If you are a visitor, you have access to free Wi-Fi (as long as you sign-in at the reception), and you can enjoy products from the on-site cafeteria.

The lobby is a modern art museum – Image: Business Insider

Furthermore, LinkedIn employees have access to a gym and a small spa. There is also a music room equipped with instruments and a Silent Disco where employees listen to music via headphones.

In addition, each floor has its own kitchen, with fresh fruit and coffee. Staff Walls are spread across 18 floors which encourage employees to interact with each other.

Most floors feature Staff Walls which encourage employees to interact with each other. This one invites them to play with words – Image: Business Insider

Apart from the kitchens at each floor, employees can enjoy their meals on the patio located on the 17th floor. The view from up there is stunning since you have San Francisco on your plate.

Finally, each conference room is equipped with a high-end tablet which shows the availability of the room. It also allows employees to see the scheduled meetings for each room, and reserve the room online.

The view from the patio at the 17th floor is stunning – Image: Business Insider

To see the whole gallery, visit Business Insider.

Plans for a new HQ

Back in April, LinkedIn released its plans to develop a new, bigger HQ in Mountain View. The company bought the large piece of land that its new HQ will be from in 2015.

Judging by the rendered plans, LinkedIn is planning on creating a campus, following the new-age model of headquarters. In addition, Microsoft is also planning to buy and redevelop its 515.000 square foot campus in Mountain View.

Kostas Papanikolaou
Kostas Papanikolaou
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