At its May launch event in New York City today, Microsoft is making a big play for educators and students. Technology allows companies to provide educational solutions in more engaging ways. Microsoft believes Minecraft can be a platform that speaks to students.

Today, the company has announced Code Builder for the Minecraft Education Edition. This new extension give children an easy platform to learn coding. There is an assistant within the feature within Minecraft that help kids learn.

With Code Builder, Minecraft Education Edition users can interact with helper called the Agent. This is a bot of sorts that helps kids execute code instructions from program like ScratchX, MakeCode, and Tynker.

By using code, the Agent will create buildings, dance, and face challenges. To use the Agent, kids can simply type “/code” into the command line.

This is actually a big opportunity for schools and educators. Coding has never been something that is consistently taught in schools. Microsoft is trying to make a bridge to kids, to get them coding at an earlier age.

Code Builder is currently available via the Minecraft Store, although it is beta currently.

Minecraft Education Edition

Microsoft launched Windows 10 S today. This lightweight version of the platform is oriented towards educators and students. If delivers the full ability of Windows desktop applications but in a more affordable and lighter OS.

Minecraft Education Edition is a big part of Microsoft plans to access the eduction market. It will help the company fight Google’s success with the Chrome and Chromebooks.

At its event today, Microsoft confirmed that all Windows 10 S customers will get a free subscription for Minecraft Education Edition.