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Microsoft´s Coming View 3D App to offer “Magic Window” Augmented Reality Viewing on Tablets

New details suggest that the company might be getting ready to add support for HoloLens-like viewing of 3D models to its application.


Thanks to the Windows 10 Creators Update, users who create with 3D on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices, received a big boost. added the Paint 3D app, an update to the classic Paint application with new 3D modeling features.

Alongside , Microsoft also introduced the Windows View 3D app, which helps users view and interact with 3D models.

Now, according to Microsoft enthusiast, WalkingCat, the Redmond giant is allegedly getting ready to bring the so-called “Magic Window” Augmented Reality feature to the View 3D app for tablets.

“Magic Window” is a reference to the so-called “large magic-window type of devices” which were shown in Microsoft's announcement video for its Beihai 3D ecosystem project.

WalkingCat mentioned those devices back in October 2016, and now according to his tweet, the feature is allegedly coming to View 3D for tablets.


The Beihai 3D project

“Beihai” is a Microsoft project that has been known about since the start of 2016. The team behind the service is headed by Corporate Vice President Kudo Tsunoda. Beihai is part of Microsoft's Studios.

When first reported, the feature was known to be a 3D project. More specifically, it focused on Microsoft's Skype and HoloLens services.

The idea was to bring 3D content to all devices, across Windows 10 platforms like mobile, PC, and HoloLens.

However, some reports suggested Microsoft has even bigger plans for Beihai. For example, Microsoft would supposedly expand the feature to support apps on Microsoft Edge, Windows inbox apps, and other projects.

Back in October 2016, WalkingCat leaked some information about the alleged use of the Beihai 3D ecosystem. According to his report, it seems like Microsoft is truly seeking a 3D platform to cross its services. Tied into the feature are Skype, Office, Paint, HoloLens, Mobile, and more.

Kostas Papanikolaou
Kostas Papanikolaou
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