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Microsoft Chief Experience Officer Julie Larson-Green to Step down from Role following Surgery

Julie Larson-Green has spent 24 years at Microsoft and will step down temporary while she recovers from a spinal surgery. In her absence, employees will report to CVP Jeff Teper.


There have some shifts within recently, Kat Holmes leaving the company last month and Jeanette Wing yesterday. Today, Julie Larson-Green is announcing a lesser role. The Chief Experience Officer recently had a spinal cord surgery and must step down while she recovers.

“It's been challenging to continue to lead the Office Experience Organization and dedicate the required time to my rehabilitation,” explained Larson-Green.“It's going to take some time for my recovery from my spinal surgery but I'm excited to continue to represent Microsoft and push the boundaries of how the company reimagines productivity. I want the best for the team and know everyone will continue to deliver on our vision for Office. I have been fully supported to continue my role as CXO, representing Microsoft at key events and providing guidance on how we can continue to achieve our goals.”

Speaking to GeekWire, Larson-Green said that though she wanted to continue her position, a heavier focus on physical therapy was wise.

24 Years at Microsoft

It's worth noting that Larson-Green has been with Microsoft for a very long time, and remains loyal to the company. She began her time there as a program manager for Visual C++, before working on the UI for IE 3 and 4.

She went on to hold various roles at the company, helping with SharePoint, Office, and the Windows 9 launch. Under Nadella, she moved to the Device and Studios Engineering Group, where she oversaw the creation of the Xbox One and Surace devices.

It was in 2014 that Larson-Green began her role as a Cheif Experience Officer of Applications and Services. She then became a CXO for the Office Experience Organization in 2016.

During her recovery, teams will report to Jeff Teper instead, a Corporate VP and leader of Office, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

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