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Microsoft Patent Application Shows Surface Pen Unlock Feature Based on Gestures

The patent application describes how a stylus pen such as the Surface Pen can be used to unlock devices via authorization gestures and to make verified and personalized annotations to documents.


The application with the title SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTHENTICATION WITH A COMPUTER STYLUS describes a method for securing operation of a computing device operated with a stylus.

The idea is that the user would use a stylus to draw predefined gesture on a touch screen which then would be automatically recognized.

According to the patent application this could be accomplished through determining a location of the gesture, determining identity of the stylus, locking an item displayed at the location determined and by recording identity of the stylus.

This would be achieved by using a controller which compares “the identity code of the stylus to a pre-stored identity code, wherein the pre-stored identity code is registered as authorized to perform secure operations with the digitizer sensor.”

Restricting the gesture-unlock or annotation-feature to just a specific stylus pen would increase the security of such a system by blocking access from other persons/devices.

While this is a new patent application, the method goes back to 2012 where it first was presented by its original inventors at N-trig – Leonard Engelhardt, Guy Paradis and Tomer Kahan who now is an industrial engineering scientist working for Magic Leap.

acquired N-trig, the maker of what we today know as the Surface Pen in 2015 for $30 million.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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