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Microsoft to Update LinkedIn with ‘Meet up’ Feature and More

The company has informed users of an upcoming update to the service which will see the Privacy Policy and User Agreement get updated on June 7, 2017, adding several new features.


In an email sent out to users of LinkedIn, has announced big upcoming changes and improvements to its business-oriented networking service.

The company informs users about the scheduled launch of a new feature called ‘meet up', and elaborates on two important profile changes.

Thanks to the ‘meet up' feature users will be able to see when people in their network are nearby and offer to meet up.

Microsoft hopes that users will use ‘meet up' at conferences or public gatherings, in order to meet people they have connected with through the service.

LinkedIn Profile changes

In addition, Microsoft has announced two important changes which will affect users' profiles. LinkedIn profiles will be visible to ‘service partners'. Thanks to that change, ‘service partners' will be able to find profiles more easily in order to deliver opportunities to users, such as job vacancies.

On top of that, LinkedIn will start offering suggestions to add accomplishments to the profiles of users such as patents or publications. LinkedIn will generate these suggestions through information available publicly.

The final of the two updates for the profiles of users is aimed at making LinkedIn more social. Dubbed bots will use messages that users send through the services in order to suggest responses to messages, meetings and ice breakers.

In the email, Microsoft states that it will update the Privacy Policy and User Agreement on June 7, 2017. Changes in policy usually pave the way for companies to get legal permission for launching new features, so it's not yet clear if the new additions will go live at the same time or shortly after.

Kostas Papanikolaou
Kostas Papanikolaou
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