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Disney Infinity is a popular gaming franchise that has found success across console platforms. Studio Gobo, one of the developers of the title has today announced a collaboration with Microsoft Studios. The “new partnership” is still vague at the moment, but we would hope it means a new Xbox One exclusive game.

Studio Gobo faces competition from several other major toys-to-game franchises. For example, Skylanders and LEGO Dimensions have also found success in this area. However, Disney Infinity has one significant ace up its sleeve.

Disney owns some of the most famous characters in history. Aside from its own classic properties, Disney also creates the Marvel Studios moves and the Star Wars movies.

Two things should be noted. Studio Gobo is not the only or indeed main developer of Disney Infinity and it is unlikely the company’s collaboration with Microsoft Studios will be related to Disney.

While we look forward to the collaboration, this is a big year for Microsoft’s Xbox gaming brand. The company will be rolling out Project Scorpio later in the year. However, the company is also changing the feel of Xbox on a software level.

A Changing Gaming Division

The console has changed significantly with the Windows 10 Creators Update. Microsoft’s Universal Windows plan is in full swing, and with Play Anywhere gamers can play titles across console and Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft is also working on boosting the social aspects of gaming. The company has integrated Beam streaming into Xbox One since March. The feature is certainly also heading to Project Scorpio when it launches.

Furthermore, Xbox chief Phil Spencer said in an interview yesterday that the new Xbox Game Pass feature could change the way gaming is consumed.

We doubt the collaboration between Microsoft Studios and Studio Gobo will take advantage of streaming through Game Pass. However, any new title from the developers will surely take in the other new Xbox features and abilities.